Branding is the art of becoming knowable, likable, and trustable.

John Jantsch

This is the only reason why this entire section exists.

Companys' Name

Our companys' name is PT DAKSA, or the least PT DAKSA (Data Aksara Sangkuriang). From 2017 onward, it will be prohibited to just write down PT Data Aksara Sangkuriang as companys' name.

Companys' Tagline

Tagline is one of many attributes to branding that defines the essence & personality of our company. Currently, there are two taglines that are available to be used in our corporate communication media.

Outstanding technology to enhance your business.

PT DAKSA (Data Aksara Sangkuriang)


We innovate. We create.

PT DAKSA (Data Aksara Sangkuriang)

Just like a logo, tagline can be reformed if the context of the tagline itself were not relevant anymore.

Jargon (Internal use only)

Beside the taglines, our company has jargon that can be used for internal purpose only.

Keep humble, Stay hustle.

PT DAKSA (Data Aksara Sangkuriang)

Which described of the spirits of how our partners (employees) should act.