Email Signature

Uniformity and ubiquity in email signature is one of many ways to make our identity look more professional. Please make sure your email signature following this guideline below.

How to setup

In this page you will be guided how to setup our corporate email signature just like an example as you can see below.

DAKSA email signature
Corporate email signature

Setup on browser

Here are the steps of how to change our email signature on browser.

  1. First of all, please download the .txt file below.
  2. Inside your DAKSA email page, get into Settings page by clicking the gear icon on top right.
  3. On Signature text field, right click on it, and choose Inspect Element. If you already had a signature before, please remove it first.
  4. Find a <div> tag with class="gmail_signature" OR a <div> tag with aria-label="Signature".
  5. Copy the HTML code snippet you just downloaded and paste it in inside that <div> tag.
  6. Adjust the information according your personal data.
  7. Don't forget to click Save Changes.
  8. [Additional] Please use Trebuchet MS with normal size for the content.

Download Email Signature (.txt)

Use this if you were using email primarily on browser.

Email Signature (.txt)(1.26 KB)

Setup on email desktop client

If you were running a third-party email desktop client, you can simply copy & paste the content of the docx file below to signature settings/preferences.

Download Email Signature (.docx)

Use this if you were using email primarily on third-party desktop application.

Email Signature (.docx)(18.8 KB)