Presentation Templates

In this page, we provide three versions of presentation templates; PowerPoint, Web, & Keynote (Mac only).

PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint Template we are using right here was created with a full HD dimension (1920px x 1080px) and has all essential functions of what a presentation slide would commonly have, like chart, infographic, gallery, portfolio, timeline, mockup, etc.. Our presentation template also compatible with Google Slide. In case you don't have PowerPoint installed on your computer, or any similar software, you will still be able to use it online inside Google Slide editor page.

DAKSA Design Team provides you two PowerPoint themes, light and dark, and a bundle of icon pack. Also additional 3:4 ratio version.

Light Theme

DAKSA PowerPoint Template
DAKSA PowerPoint Template
DAKSA PowerPoint Template
DAKSA PowerPoint Template
DAKSA PowerPoint Template

Dark Theme

DAKSA PowerPoint Template
DAKSA PowerPoint Template
DAKSA PowerPoint Template
DAKSA PowerPoint Template
DAKSA PowerPoint Template

Download PowerPoint Template

Download your preferable theme, dark or light.

PowerPoint Light Theme(3.47 MB)PowerPoint Dark Theme(3.29 MB)

In case you were short on icon, please use this icon pack. Do not use third-party resources.

Icon Pack(3.47 MB)

How to Use (PowerPoint template)

Our PowerPoint template has been heavily modified and carefully edited, and Its Master Slide was designed to cover any kind of topics of presentation. Please read the instructions first, before using it.

  1. Download the preferable theme.
  2. Make sure you have PF Handbook Pro, Adobe Clean, and Monaco fonts installed on your computer. If not, please go to this page.
  3. There are two files contained inside each zip file you just downloaded, presentation-dark-or-light-theme-SAMPLE.pptx and presentation-dark-or-light-theme-TEMPLATE.pptx.
    • You must begin creating a presentation slide from the TEMPLATE, not the SAMPLE.
    • The SAMPLE file shows you of what our PowerPoint template could do. If you need a sample of a chart, timeline, mockup, etc, just copy the elements from the SAMPLE file to the TEMPLATE. But always remember, never create a presentation based on SAMPLE file, ever. Just like its name, it is in only a sample.
  4. Now, open presentation-dark-or-light-theme-TEMPLATE.pptx file.
  5. Inside this file, you can see the skeleton (or the essentials part) of a presentation. A cover (1), welcome message (2), section separator (3 & 5), default blank layout (4 & 6), and closing message (7). You can begin to ellaborate.
  6. If you have found a layout that contain something like this
    How to use our PowerPoint template
    Picture replacement.
    You must replace it with a stock photo or an image.
  7. By default, if you create a new slide (Ctrl + M), the layout of newly added slide will inherit previous slide. If you need another layout just right click on the slide, and choose Layout > Choose available layouts.
    How to use PowerPoint template
    Layout options.
  8. Done. You're ready to go.
  9. There are also several rules you must obey while using it.

    • Do not change the font file, but you may change the font size if necessary.
    • Do not use icon(s) from any third-party resources. If you were short on icon, please use the provided Icon Pack below.

    NB. Please take a note that DAKSA Design Team didn't embed our corporate typefaces into this PowerPoint template. So, please always remember to take along the font files with you.

Web Presentation Template

As an alternative, our design team also provide the web version (HTML, CSS & JavaScript) for presentation template. It may sounds uncommon to some of you to use web platform for presentation purpose. But, in many global (design & developer) conference, using web technology as presentation platform are quite standards for now.

There are several benefits if you were using web version instead of PowerPoint:

  • No need to install additional software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, Libre, Open Office, etc., only a (modern) web browser.
  • Can be viewed comfortly both in desktop and mobile devices.
  • Can take all the advantages of web technologies inside your presentation.

Click here to see the preview.

Web presentation template
Web presentation template.

Download Web Presentation Template

Web Presentation Template(1.65 MB)

Keynote Template

Work in progress.