When you publish an app on Google Play, you can supply a variety of high-quality graphic assets to showcase your app or brand. Prepare your Promotional Graphics & Screenshots.

Unlike App Store, Play Store is not so strict about screenshots properties. There are no rules whether you should cut out the status bar or not.

Application Icons

Within the App Icons Template, you will find several placeholders for your App Icon itself, Notification Icon, and Developer Page.

Android Resources - App Icon Templates
Android Resources - App Icon Templates

This is the preview for your application icon in Play Store.

Android Resources - App Icon Preview on Play Store
Android Resources - App Icon Preview on Play Store

Occasionally, you will need a notification icon that appears on Notification Bar.

Android Resources - Notification Icon
Android Resources - Notification Icon

The App Icons Template also include a mockup for your Play Store Developer Page that requires Developer Hero Image and Developer/Logo Image.

Android Resources - Play Store Developer Page
Android Resources - Play Store Developer Page

Featured Graphic

Featured Graphic is an 1024px x 500px image that Google Play editorial team uses if an app is selected as Editorial Choice. Creating a Featured Graphic that will do a great job of highlighting your app requires special design consideration.

Do's & Dont's

Your graphic is not an ad, it’s a teaser. It’s a place for bold, creative promotional images. Vivid background colors work best. Black and white are problems because those are the backgrounds used by the mobile-device and Web versions of Google Play. Limit Text to your app name and maybe a few additional descriptive words. Anything else will be unreadable on phones, anyhow.


  • Make the graphic fun and enticing.
  • Use colors that stand out on black or white backgrounds.
  • Promote your brand prominently.


  • Create a text-heavy advertising-style graphic.
  • Let the graphic fade into the background.
  • Overload the graphic with details.
  • Device imagery is tempting, but becomes dated fast, and may be inappropriate if your user’s device looks entirely different.
  • In-app screenshots are inappropriate because your product page already includes a place for these.
  • Just using your app icon is a failure of imagination. You have more room; put it to good use!


Your image has to be designed to scale; it will need to look good both in a full-size Web browser and on a little handset. You can rely on the aspect ratio being constant, but not the size. Here’s a tip: Try resizing your image down to 1 inch in width. If it still looks good and conveys your brand message, you have a winner.